Amalia Panagiotopoulou welcomes you to her shop, the art shop PANDORA at the heart of Piraeus, where inspired artists add their out of shelf perspective to the creation of modern works of art, radically changing the rules of decoration.The artists approach their art in different ways. This diversity and constant experimentation with materials and techniques, feeding their romance with the art and the public. This public that aspired me to gather in my store which is the main representative of good taste and modern conceptions of art.

At the art shop PANDORA, you will find:

  • Pottery works, sculptures, creations in metal, wall constructions and small objects that are here to add beauty and style to your personal and professional space and will also be selecting a gift with character.
  • Original special business gifts. Come to create together this item which is based on your needs and will represent you in the best possible way.
  • Jewellery standing out with their exceptional design and quality. Items with gold, silver, copper and natural stones that one simply cannot miss.
  • Works of art are an excellent idea for wedding gifts as they highlight your personal space making it unique and special. Visit us to create together your personal wedding list.

The artists I am working with, propose small elements, that can transform a simple bomboniere to a unique souvenir from your wedding or your child’s christening.

Those who wish to decorate their space with items from my store, are provided wiht all possible informations and advice, upon request.

Each item is unique, hand crafted and bears the characteristics of each artist’s work.

Koralia Kolaiti Kety Anastasaki Maria Marinoglou George Sepetzoglou Demosthenes Kokkalis Konstantina Pardali George Kokovlis Maria Lalaouni Liana Papalexi Byron Dimitrakoulis Anna Andreadi Mary Christidi Eleni Canellopoulou Menandros Papadopoulos

I am looking forward to meeting you.